Most Notorious Psychopaths In History

Psychopaths are people with chronic immoral behavior who gain satisfaction through antisocial actions. They have uncontrollable aggressive impulses. Psychopathy does not always lead to criminal behavior. However when psychopathic is accompanied with low social cognition, it will usually lead to pathological narcissism. This narcissism drives violence behavior towards others and triggers failure in relationship and in keeping an occupation. A psychopath never feels remorse for their actions

Albert Hamilton Fish

He was a pedophile, sadomasochists, a cannibal and a vampire. He liked to torture before killing his victims. His character was personified as Hannibal Lechter in a famous movie “Silence of

the Lambs”. Because of his cruelty, he was called the Gray Man, the Werewolf of Wysteria, and the Brooklyn Vampire.

He grew up in foster home, a place where he first experienced violence. He became a homosexual in the age of 12. He murdered his first victim in 1910. He mostly attacked mentally retarded or Afro-American children. He confessed to have tortured, molested and mutilated his victims. He drank the victim’s blood and would cook and ate the bodies. He boasted to have molested more than 100 children. He was sentenced to death and executed in electric chair in 1936. He was 65 years old when executed.

Aileen “Lee” Carol Wuornos

Her story was the inspiration of the movie “Monster” starring Charlize Theron as Lee and Christina Ricci as Shelby, Lee’s lover. The media called her as “American First Female Serial Killer”, although she was in fact not the first. She murdered seven truck drivers in Florida Highway. She robbed her victims and shot them to death.

Born as Aileen Carol Pitman, she experienced domestic violence since childhood. After her mother left her, she lived with her abusive grandfather and ended being raped by her father’s friend. She earned her living by becoming a street prostitute at age 13. At 15, she gave birth to a son, who was soon taken away from her. She was an unwanted child. She was a person longing for love all his life. Ironically, her lover, Shelby, the only person she believed loved her became one of main witnesses who testified against her in the court. She was sentenced to death and executed in October 2002.

Gilles de Rais

Lived in 15th century, this French nobleman was one military captain in Joan of Arc army. His victims were mostly young blond haired and blue eyed boys aged eight to 18. He raped, tortured, murdered and mutilated around 80 to 200 victims. His story was the subject of several books.

One of Rais’ servant testified that Rais’ biggest passion was to bath in his victim’s blood. Rais would stab the victims in the vein and let the blood squirting all over him. He loved to see the agony of the dying. He decapitated his victims after death and asked his servants to pick the fairest one. He held the chosen head high and admired it. Afterwards, the mutilated body was burned in a fireplace. The burning was slow to maximize the smell because Rais also enjoyed the smell of the burning bodies.

/> His actions came to light in 1440. That year Rais abducted a clergyman. This abduction triggered an investigation started by Bishop of Nantes. The investigation revealed much darker secret of Rais. He was hanged in Nantes in 1440.

John Haigh

Haigh did his killing in England during the 1940s. He was known as the “Acid Bath Murderer” because he dissolved his victims’ body in sulfuric acid. He claimed to have murdered nine people but only convicted for the murder of six of them. After he murdered his victims, he forged papers and sold his victim’s possession for his benefit. His first victim was his former wealthy employer. When that employer’s parent started to questioning Haigh on their son whereabouts, they were also murdered. Forensic examination confirmed Haigh as the killer. Haigh was sentenced to death and executed in 1949

Ted Bundy

His story was the subject of a television movie and a book both titled “A Stranger Beside Me”. The book was written by Ann Rule. Following a long period of constant denial, he finally confessed to have murdered 30 young girls from 1974 – 1978. He raped and killed his victims by bludgeoning or strangulation. Sometimes he decapitated his victims with hacksaw and kept the severed heads in his room. After some time the heads and the remaining bodies were dumped in Taylor Mountain. He visited and re-visited the bodies in Taylor Mountain frequently. He applied make up to the corpses and had sex with the decomposing bodies.

He attracted many attentions in the court when acted as his own attorney and cross-examined witnesses. He made marriage proposal to one of his witness before the judge. Despite his entertaining performance in the court, the jury found him guilty. He was sentenced to death and executed on January 1989 in the electric chair.

Javed Iqbal Mughal

No one knew of his crimes, until Iqbal sent letter to the police in which he proudly declared that he had murdered 100 boys in Punjab Lahore, Pakistan. He also stated that he had no regret for it. He picked boys from the street and drugged, raped and eventually strangled them to death. Iqbal kept the clothes and shoes of the victims as trophies of his crimes. The dead bodies was cut into small pieces and kept in drums full of chloric acid outside his home until the remains were fully dissolved. After his 50th murder, he started taking pictures of the victims.

He was sentenced to death, but before the execution took place, he was found strangled with his bed sheet in his prison cell in 2001. The authority declared that he had committed suicide.

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