24 Go Green Ideas For Your Kids To Help Save The Earth

It’s never too early to teach your children to be aware of the environment and how their action and way of life can affect it. Help your children to contribute to make this earth a better place to live in the future.

Here is the list of “green” things that you can teach your children to do:

Playing Time
1. Share toys with siblings or friends. Donate unused toys.
2. Turn off the TV, stop pushing computer buttons, put down the videogame and just go outside to play with friends or do some other non-electronic fun. It saves lots of energy.

Stop flying helium balloon. Yes, it is so much fun to see a helium balloon flies into the sky but when the balloon falls back down to earth; it can kill the animal that eats it.
4. Making creative gifts for birthdays or holidays using recycled items or used items. It saves money, reduce landfill and children can learn to value personalized gift.

At School
5. Take school bus, walk or ride a bike to school.
6. Use re-useable lunch box and drinking bottle instead of plastic or paper wrapping.
7. Choose recycled papers and pencil.
8. Buy PVC-free backpacks and lunchbox.
9. Reuse part of items for art or other school projects, for example unused shoe laces, old buttons, etc.
10. Reuse school supplies that are still in good condition. Avoid buying brand new schools supplies every year only to keep up with the trends.

At Home
11. Help parents to sort rubbish and put it into separate recycle bins of plastic, paper and can. It helps children to get used to green lifestyle.
12. Do some family gardening activities. It will teach the children to understand how we depend on natural resources.

/> 13. Help parents making compost from food scraps and garden waste. When the compost is ready, the children can help spreading it in the garden. Children can learn how waste can help fertilize the soil.
14. When brushing teeth, don’t forget to turn off the sink facet to safe water. Use normal tube toothpaste instead of pump dispenser toothpastes.
15. Turn off the shower when soaping and right after finish bathing.
16. Turn off and unplug electronic appliances and lights when not in use
17. Get into the habit of buying and eating fresh (and if possible organic) food instead of fast food. Teach your children how the use of pesticide can harm the environment.
18. Don’t waste food. Ask your kids to serve smaller portion of food at meal times. When they are still hungry, they can always go back for seconds.
19. Hand-washed the dishes to save water.
20. Use cloth bag or paper bag to shop. To make it fun, you and your kinds can make your own using recycled paper or used cloth. 
21. Make art and craft using unused things around the house. For example making recycled paper using used newspapers.
22. Consume daily needs such as soap, shampoo, lotions, toothpaste sufficiently. 

With the Community
23. Involve in any community green activities for kids such as planting trees, recycling, etc.
24. Involve in wildlife conservation program. Acknowledging endangered animal species, why they could become extinct and what they need to survive can teach your children the importance of conserving earth’s natural resources.

Article Written By Yovita Siswati

Yovita Siswati is a blogger at Expertscolumn.com

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