What To Prepare When Hosting A Pre-teen Sleepover

Most girls start having sleepover party at the age of nine to eleven, though some may already have it at the age of six. Hosting a successful sleepover needs careful planning as young guest maybe harder to manage. This is the tips that hopefully can help you planning your pre-teen sleepover before it turns out to be a disaster.

Fun theme
It should be fun; it should be what your girl wants. So let her decides the theme and involve her in the shopping of party supplies. Invitations, tablecloth, plates, cups, napkins and thank you note must support the theme. If

the theme is strawberry party, let there be strawberries or print of them in all the party supplies. The sleepover can also be an out-door camping (in the backyard). Another idea is to have a pretty pampering party.

Who would be invited?
Before you start making the list, set the maximum number of guests first (this depends on your comfort and size of your house). Is it going to be a big or a small party? Let your daughter decide who should be invited, but tell her if you have reservations about potential guests. You can use store-bought invitations or made ones yourself. Information stated in the invitation should include map or directions, dress code (if applicable) and pick up time. If your daughter only invites her closest friend, maybe no invitation is needed; you can just call them and tell them about the sleepover.

Food & beverages
You have to prepare food for dinner and for breakfast, not to mention snacks. Popcorn and pizza are usually children’s favorite. Do not forget to prepare soda,

milk, juice and of course candy. Prepare breakfast at least one hour before the guests wake up. Make sure the food is enough for everyone every time.

Before the party...
Clean your house before the party. This will make your guests feel comfortable. Prepare enough blankets or sleeping bags for the guests or alternatively you can ask the guests to bring their own. Setting some important ground rules may be necessary to make everything under control.

Activities during the party
Plan the party activities at least a week ahead, and do plan it in detail. Involve your daughter in deciding what movies to watch and what games to play. Popular activities include making pizzas, karaoke singing, shirt decorating, pillowcases decorating, cupcake decorating, cookie making, movie-watching, nail trimming, etc. Check your daughter and the guests every once in a while to ensure that the food is enough and that everyone is comfortable. Make sure that the girls still have something to do in the morning.

Unforgettable end
Set the time when you want the party to be over the following morning. Make sure that all guests already have their breakfast and are packed and ready to be picked up at the designated time. Give the guests a memorable take-home favor or treats before leaving. Do not forget to send thank you notes to everyone. Let your daughter write down the notes if she wants to.

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