Useful Haggling Tips – How To Pay Less For Goods And Services

Tips on how to cut a deal and pay less for goods and services.

With the recent economic crisis, it would be nice if we can save some money we spend on goods and services. One way to achieve this is through haggling. Here are some tips on how to haggle successfully.

Haggle is not an embarrassing thing to do.
Some people think that haggling will make them looks cheap. Well, you have to view haggling as a type of negotiation of joint interest. Off course it would not be appropriate to haggle in a department store or supermarket, where the price

is all fixed, but you can always haggle when you shop in a traditional market or other market or store as the situation allow. By viewing haggle as a negotiation, you will likely be able to put a fair deal on the table and find common ground.

Always know your alternatives.
Prepare your self with adequate information on average prices of similar goods and services available in the market. It would be good to always know your alternatives. When you know where else you can purchase similar goods or services you want, there is no pressure to buy. You can use the magic line ‘other shop can sell for less’ and see how this line works.

When you buy in bulk, your power of negotiation is also increase.
When you buy in bulk, you will relatively spend more compare to other buyers who buy in pieces. The higher the volume of the goods you purchased, the more likely you will get a discount. If you don’t want to buy in high volume, you can collect your friends or family who would like to buy the same goods and share the cost equally with them. It will surely be cheaper.

Don’t hesitate to ask for better price when you buy expensive goods or

Premium goods sold with high prices are usually open for bargain. Thus, when you see its high price, don’t get deterred and leave the shop, instead, go inside and ask the sales person for a better price. Goods which usually included in this category are furniture, jeweler, antics, and many others.

Know the exact time when silence is golden
A simple “hhhmmmm..” showing that you are not really interested on the goods might help. In fact it can be the most powerful negotiation tools when you have set your position. Off course before doing this, you have to equipped yourself with information on other alternatives, so you know when is the best time to stop talking and just play silence.

Put smile on your face, please.
Always use nice tone as haggling is not arguing, it is a negotiation, and a little charm can go a long way. Although you have to use nice tone, be sure that you know and be determined of what you want. Hold your emotion please, if the negotiation process gets heat up.

Communicate your feeling as customer.
It may be the case that your friend or someone you know gets a better price in the same store where you are about to shop. If so, just tell the shop keeper how you feel. That you feel that you have been treated unfairly and that you also deserve a better price like any other customers. Don’t get angry or insulted, just put a smile and continue negotiate!


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