People’s Irrational Behaviour During The Sale Season

Sale season can create insanity sometimes. Even rational shopper can become irrational when it comes to shopping for sale items. Many stores offer sale programs from weekend sale, year’s end sale to midnight sale. This so many sale programs do create a certain form of shopping hysteria. With so many discounts available, who could resist it? Here is some of the irrationality I happened to witness.

You can forget about sleeping. It’s shopping time!

The most crazy sale idea that I ever encounterr in my life was the midnight sale program. It usually begins at 9 PM and lasted till

early morning the following day. The store’s door will be closed for new customers just at midnight. With up to 80% discount for most of the items, people can easily forgo their beauty sleep. Who need the sleep anyway? Many people come to the store just a few minutes before the clock strikes 12, to allow themselves a few hour sleeps before going shopping. The vehicles queuing to park in the available parking lot can stretch out to 1km. Just like when Circus is in town! Last time I joined a midnight sale program in one hypermarket, it ended up at 4 AM in the morning. I went shopping on Friday and go home on Saturday. After that, I successfully catched cold and spend hundred thousands of rupiahs to pay for my medical bill. No way will I go to any midnight sale ever again.

Grab anything that your hand can reach. Forget the fact that you already have dozens of those items at home.

Sale programs make people buy things that they don’t really need. During the sale, people will usually think that they must buy all items with greatest discount, no matter the items are useless for them. The urge to buy is there. I happened to see a mother pull 5 carts full of diapers for her baby. All of them are of the same size, the “S” size. Does she realize that her baby will

soon grow? The diapers may no longer fit her baby in a very few weeks, and the larger part of the diapers that she bough may eventually be useless. I myself ended up buying lots of imported instant noodle before I have the time to realize that no one in my family eats instant noodle.

Take your whole family to go shopping with you. Take even your 100 years old grandma or your 2 months old baby.

The sale is something that you cannot miss, right? So don’t let your grandmother or your baby got in the way. Should you have to babysit them, you may feel clever enough by taking them shopping with you.I certainly give my deepest sympathy for all of the grandmothers and all the babies that were taken to the stores beyond their will when they should be resting at their home sweet home. Especially for the babies, apparently their parents think that the money they saved from discount is more important than their baby’s comfort.

Even shopping needs strategy.

You think shopping is easy, right? Wrong! Shopping is never easy during the sale season. You have to have adequate strategy to be successful in your shopping activity. If you take more than one family member, you may want to assign one family member to go to the food section while others go to the clothing section or hardware section and you yourself can go to toys section. When your shopping is almost done, you may ask one of your families so start queuing in front of the cashier, it will surely safe you some or even a lot of time.It turned out that shopping during sale season containing more brain exercising as well as physical exercising element than ever!

Article Written By Yovita Siswati

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