The Most Sensational Unsolved Murder In History – The Black Dahlia

The Black Dahlia’s real name was Elizabeth Short. She was called “Black Dahlia” because of her black colored hair and her preference of black attire. She was an actress wannabe, who came to California from Massachusetts to pursue her dream. What made this case so sensational? It is due to the fact that this astoundingly beautiful victim had been murdered brutally. The story of beauty and violence received a wide media attention that certainly contributed a lot in making this case very much publicized. Many rumors and inaccurate stories surrounding Elizabeth Short including her relationship with Marilyn Monroe had made

this story juicier.

Short was born in 1924. Her life was full of sensation from the beginning. She liked to date many men but reportedly refused to sleep with them. She frequently visited many clubs. Her lifestyle led her to bankruptcy in the last days of her life. She never stayed in one place for more than a few weeks as she could not afford to pay the rental fee.

A week before the murder, a friend named Robert Manley drove Short to Biltmore hotel, where he left her at the Hotel lobby. It was the last time she

was seen alive. Her body was found in 15 January 1947 by a passerby in Leimert Park, California, cut in half and severely beaten. Nine days after the murder, the Examiner received a package containing Short’s belonging. The sender of the package who probably was the killer cannot be traced.

The police soon started a massive investigation. Thousands of people were investigated. 60 people claimed to have murdered Short. None of this claim was true. Janice Knowlton wrote a book titled “Daddy was the Black Dahlia Killer”, accusing his father as the killer. Her book was a flop and the writer committed suicide in 2004. Manley was made suspect, but the evidence against him were weak. Another book was written in 2003 by a retired LAPD detective Steve Hodel, accusing his father as the killer. Again, this book was a flop. Several suspects were put forward but none of them had been charged. Due to the missing of many important evidence including 13 scornful letters send by the supposed killer to the police and media, it looks like this case will never be solved.

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