Mommy Burnout, How To Fight It

Having kids or being a mother is always a wonderful experience, right? Wrong. Never ending house work, whining kids and the pressure to be a good mother might exhaust you as a mother both physically and mentally.

domestic activities are just too much, the time when you dislike your responsibility as a mother. This is normal, but surely something needs to be done to preserve your level of happiness and sanity.

Ask for help

When everything is becoming out of control don’t hesitate to ask someone to help you out. Don’t feel guilty by asking help. Asking for help doesn’t make you a

bad mom. Being a good mom, doesn’t mean that you have to do it all. You can use the service of cleaning agency to clean the house or use babysitter to watch over the baby. If you cannot afford these, you can ask the help of your husband, older kids, extended family and friendly neighbors. Kids usually are happy to help, especially when the daily chores are done together with other family members.

Know your priority

Forget about perfection. It is fine to have a messy house as long as your kids are well-fed. It is ok to have dust in your kitchen as long as you have enough time to play with your kids. It is all right to skip rubbing your floor as long as you have enough time to sleep. You have to learn to let go and enjoy your life more.

Take care of yourself

Mothering is a very demanding job. You have to stay in shape to do your job properly. Getting enough sleep and eating nutritious food are very important. Eat more vegetables and fruits. Besides making yourself healthier, you are setting good example for your kids. When babies are still little, mother can nurse lying down and take nap whenever babies are asleep.
Plan a short getaway

/> One way to recharge your battery is by planning a short getaway. You can do it during the weekend with your spouse, your friends or alone, but no kids please. At least you can leave your worry and responsibilities behind for couple of days.

Pamper yourself a bit

Although it seems almost impossible, provide some “me” time for yourself. An hour alone lying down on your bed listening to your favorite music could help a lot in keeping your sanity in place. Getting away for couple of hours to shop or to go to the cinema or have your nails done or do other things that you love without taking your kids can be very much refreshing.

Connected with other mommies

You can find support by joining groups of mommies who are in the same phase of life. They can be your neighbors, family, friends, or online groups. These groups will usually offer encouragement. You can talk to people who actually understand you. You will be able to share problems, thoughts and ideas of raising children together..

Do your hobbies

Doing something you love to do is very stress-releasing. I love to write. Writing makes me relax and enjoy life. You may take courses to learn to do whatever things that interest you, things in which you have passion. Knowing that you could do the things you like at the end of the week can help you getting through the toughest time of the week.


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