Indonesia’s Best Surfing Spots

Indonesia is an archipelago with hundred thousands of islands and millions miles of beaches. You probably had never heard of these beaches, but yet, they are very beautiful, exotic and the waves are just perfect for surfing. These are the lists from the West part of Indonesia to the East.

Mentawai Islands, West Sumatera

Lie around 100km off the west coast of Sumatera, the Mentawai which consist of 4 main islands have numerous beautiful beaches. Ones of the most famous are the beaches of Siberut Island. The waves are very ideal for surfing. During the month of April to August, the height

of the wave can reach 6 meters. The Mentawai beaches had been recognized as the 3rd best location for surfing after Hawaii and Tahiti. There are around 400 surfing point and 23 of them are known to have international standard. You can reach Mentawai with regular ferries or chartered boat from Padang, capital of West Sumatera Province. The journey from Padang to Muara Siberut, Siberut Island will take approximately 14 hours.

Nias Island, North Sumatera

Located on the west coast of Sumatera, Nias is internationally well known as one of best surfing locations in the world with its famous beach, the Sorake. The height of the wave is ranging from 2-15 feet. In the 1960’s Nias was part of Hippie trail traveled by surfer from around the world. Prior 1998, the beach had also been the site of international surfing competition. In 2005, there was a major earthquake that lifted the reef. Some surfers say that this makes the wave even hollower and longer. So clear is the water, surfers can see swimming sea turtles as they wait for the waves.

Panaitan Island, Ujung Kulon, West Java

As newly discovered surfing spots, Panaitan Island offers 7 excellent beaches for surfing. The most famous are the Apocalypse and One Palm Point. Located off the west coast of Java, this island is part of the Ujung Kulon National Park, one of world’s natural heritage sites. These not-so-crowded beaches have warm and clear water.  Panaitan is also the home of deer, bulls, large lizard, black leopard and wide variety of birds. Due to conservation reason, the surfers mostly choose to stay on boat or camp on Peucang, a nearby island. Besides surfing, visitor can also enjoy the wild life exploration such as snorkeling, trekking or spear fishing.

Pelabuhan Ratu, West Java

There are several beaches in the area, which is situated in West Java Province that can be perfect for surfing. The most famous are the Cimaja, Ujung Genteng, Ombak Tujuh, Loji and Cikembang. The accommodations are many and the beaches are quite crowded as the location is easily accessible from Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia. With occasional barreling wave and average length of ride around 100-200m, these spots are suitable for intermediate level. The best time to surf is from April to October. The view of sunset here is breathtaking. There is one particular myth believed by local people, that the ocean

is ruled by a queen who likes green color, thus anyone swimming or staying around the beach should not wear this color.

G-Land, Plengkung Beach, Banyuwangi, East Java

Located at Alas Purwo National Park, Banyuwangi city, in the eastern tip of Java Island, Plengkung beach, also known as G-Land provides perfect challenge for professional surfers. The word G in G-Land derives from the name of the bay, Grajagan. Best time to ride the wave is from May to October. During this time the wave can reach three to four meters high. Most surfers take an overland from Bali, the more famous tourist destination and also surfing spots in Indonesia, to Banyuwangi .

Bali Island

Being the most famous island in Indonesia, Bali had been well-known since 1930s for its numerous surfing spots, mainly in the western part of the island. The island’s small size enables surfers to go from spots to spots without difficulties to find most suitable surfing condition. Most visited spots would include Kuta Beach, the first surfing spots in Bali, a lively beach packed with professional surfer as well as beginner; Padang-Padang beach; Balangan Beach, a hidden beach waiting to be explored; Uluwatu Beach; Canggu Beach, Nusa Dua Beach and  the more recently found spot, the Dreamland Beach.

Lombok Island

Facing the India Ocean near Bali Island, the white sandy beaches from western to southern part of Lombok Island provide excellent waves for surfing. The beaches of Lombok are less crowded than Bali and offers magnificent natural beauty. The most famous surfing spots are the Bangko-Bangko known also as the Dessert Point; the Gerupuk Bay, the Belongas Bay; Selong Belanak; Kuta Beach of Lombok and Ekas.

Sumbawa Island

Located to the east of Bali Island, Sumbawa is becoming more and more popular surfing spots today. As part of Nusa Tenggara Province, this island is relatively remote, and seldom visited by tourist other than surfers. The most famous spots are Lakai Peak, Scar Reef, Pisin Beach and several other spots in the western part of the island that provide perfect waves for tube-minded surfer. The spots are accessible by boat as overland access is almost impossible accept to Lakai Peak. The best time to surf in this island is from May to October.

Sumba, Timor, Nusa Penida and Nusa Lembongan Islands

These islands scattered in the eastern part of Indonesia near Bali Island. The waves are perfect and the beaches are quite isolated, suitable for those who avoid the crowded beaches. Besides surfing, visitors can also do snorkeling and bird-watching.

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