Ideas For Making Memorable Christmast Traditions For Your Children

Besides exchanging gifts and having a great dinner party, what else can you do to make Christmas memorable for your children? Here are activities that you can do with your children during Christmas season which they will remember for the rest of their life. Please find below few simple ideas.

Give your children cooking-with-mommy experience
Preparing dishes for Christmas can be so much fun. Ask our children what they would like to have for Christmas and ask them to help preparing the dishes. They will surely make a mess in your kitchen like hell, but it will give you and your

children a good experience as well. Smell of gingerbread and baked cookies in your kitchen will give your children a very homy experience. When your kids grow older and leave your home, they will still miss the sweet smell of roasted chicken and baked cookies in mommy’s kitchen and just make them cannot wait to go home for Christmas.

Give to the less fortunate children
Take your children to an orphanage. Ask your children to collect no longer used shirts or cloth or unused toys or books to be given to the less fortunate children in the orphanage. Older children can be asked to  do some kind of social work such as helping to prepare meal in a shelter. It will teach your children count their blessings and make Christmas memorable to them.

Pick a theme

and decorate your home as a team
Make decorating your home for Christmas as a whole family activity. Do involving all family members, children and adults, young and old. Don’t forget to pick a theme first. For example you can make a Santa theme this year, when you will decorate your home full of Santa’s accessories from Santa’s head hanging on the wall to Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer figure in your living room. Next year perhaps you can pick an Angel theme when your Christmas angel will float all over your house. Another theme idea may include silvery Christmas when your home will be full of silver ornament and silvery decoration.

Have a merry crafty Christmas
Making handmade Christmas cards and decorations with Children can be so much fun too. If your children are still very young you cannot expect the card or the decoration to be neat. It may bend a little here and a little there, a little nasty here, a little messy there, but it would be fine. Nothing can beat the experience in doing it with your children. A handmade personalized Christmas Cards will be memorable to your children as well as to the person who receive it.

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