How To Make Bathroom Safe For Young Children

Besides the kitchen, bathroom is also one of the most dangerous areas in the house. There are many potential hazards in the bathroom because bathroom usually is designed for adults. Here are some tips to make bathroom a safer as well as enjoyable place for young children.

Access to the bathroom.Keep the bathroom door closed when it’s not being used. Install cover on round doorknob to make it harder to open by smaller hands.  To make it even safer, install latch high up on the door.

Storage area. Medicines, cosmetics, lotions, cleaning chemicals, sharp utensils and appliances such as

razor or scissor, electrical appliances such as curling irons or hairdryer should be kept out of children’s reach. Store them in high locked cabinets. Install latches on every cabinet and drawer which cannot be easily opened by children. To satisfy a child’s curiosity, prepare a special lower drawer or cabinet for them to play with during bath time. You can store toys, towels, and other non-dangerous stuffs in that cabinet. Wet toys should be kept in a curtain pocket drawer particularly made for that purpose. Never leave any electrical appliances plugged in when your kid is taking a bath and do not leave them near the water. Do not use hairdryer, electrical razor and other similar devices when your child is in the bathroom.

The Floor. Never allow a child to run or jump in the bathroom due to the slippery wet floor. Instead of smooth tile or granite which can become very slippery when wet, use textured tiles. Place non-skid bath mats to provide traction on the floor. Wipe splashes of water from the floor immediately.
Sit down please. Tell your child to sit down during the shower on a special bath seat or plastic seat.  Offer her interesting toys to keep her occupied.

The Bathtub. Place a rubber mat or other anti slip decals inside the bathtub to avoid slipping or sliding. Adjust the water heating systems not to exceed 120 degrees Fahrenheit (48 degrees Celsius) to avoid scalding. Place safety valve on the bathtub spout or anti-scald safety device to prevent accidental discharge of hot water. To avoid falling into the bathtub, place a step stool and install low padded grab bar to enable the child to easily climb in and out of the tub. Make sure the water in the tub is drained immediately

after a bath. Wipe your child’s feet dry as soon as she gets out of the tub.

The Toilet. To avoid drowning (yes, very young children can drown himself in toilet water), lock the toilet seat lids with plastic latch. If possible, you can install a small-sized toilet specifically design for toddlers. This kind of toilet can be easily replaced when no longer in use.

The Sink. Place a stool near the sink to enable children to easily reach it. Alternatively, you can install a lower wall-hung sink (with funny shape, color and pattern) especially for your toddler.

Fixtures and Fittings. To avoid electrical shock, install outlet covers that can cover the outlet while in use and when not in use. Installing ground fault circuit interrupters may help in preventing lethal electrical shock. If possible use small bottles of soap and shampoo to be handled easily by children if they would like to pour their own shampoo or soap. Always turn on the cold water tap first before the hot one. Never let your child play with or touch the tap. Cover the tub spout to prevent bumps and to prevent your child from touching it.

The Wastebasket. There may be dangerous waste inside the wastebasket. To prevent children from taking the waste out and play with it, use a covered wastebasket.

Close supervision. Never leave your toddler in the bathroom unattended at least until he or she is five years old. Make it clear to your young children that they cannot head into the bathroom unless you are there with them. When you supervise your kids, never leave them alone for any reason even for only one minute. Never leave older child in charge of toddler, it is you or other adult i(if you are not available) who should supervise.  Make sure other adults who look after your kid know the safety rules in the bathroom and follow them.

Source : What to Expect the Toddler Years, author : Arlene Eisenberg  , Heidi Eisenberg Murkoff, Sandee E. Hathaway

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