How To Help Young Children Overcome Nightmares

Very young children cannot yet distinguish between reality and imagination so nightmare looks very real and threatening to them. Fears are common for toddler and they are natural part of the child’s development. Here are some tips to help your toddler overcoming his nightmares.

Avoid scary stuffs before bed. Do not read storybooks with frightening themes or watch scary television show before going to bed. Fairytale stories that involve witches, dark forest, and people dying should be avoided. It is very helpful to keep time before bedtime tranquil. Parents should not discuss news involving violent with their kids such as

story of murder, terrorism, and the like.

Let your toddler know that being scare is normal. Ask him to tell you what his nightmare is all about. Sharing will make him feel better. Empathize with your kids. Knowing that it’s okay to be scare will make him feel even better. 

Reassure your toddler that he is safe. When nightmares strike, go to your toddler’s room, hug him and comfort him. Tell him that he is safe and that it is only a dream and that the monster cannot really hurt him. Do not overreact. If you remain calm, your toddler will think that there is nothing to worry about.

Encourage him to go

back to sleep. Turn on the light and show him that his room is safe. Do a throughout monster check around the room if necessary. Then ask him to go back to sleep. Let the light on if he wants it. Tell him that mom and dad will always be right nearby. Ask him whether he wants you to check on him from time to time. If your child still has trouble going back to slip, stay with him for a little while.

Maintain consistent limit. If you really want your kids to overcome his nightmare do not ask him to sleep in your room. Help him to face his fear gradually. Tonight you may sleep with your toddler in your room, tomorrow promise him that your will check on him every half an hour until he fall asleep. After this had been going on for few days, tell him that from now on he will sleep alone but that you will let the door ajar and will always stay nearby. Do these until his fears disappear

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