How To Help Toddler Overcome Fear Of The Dentist

It is important to make a child’s first dental appointment a positive experience. Why? Cchildren’s attitude toward dental care are yet to be formed. They not yet have any negative perception about dental drills, bur, excavators and the like. Instead of being scared, they might think that being up on the dentist’s examining chair is a fun and adventurous experience. The more positive the attitude of the child toward dentistry, the healthier their teeth will be.

Choosing the right doctor. Look for pedodontist, which is a dentist who specialized in children’s dentistry. Look for ones who are friendly, good humor,

patience and can get along with children very well.  Pediatric dentists are specifically trained to ease children’s anxiety. They may use several strategies such as do a little demonstration on dolls to show your kid what he will do to him, tell stories or converse with your kid to draw his attention away from the procedure, etc. If the dentist does not do anything to help your child to relax, consider finding another dentist.  If possible look for a child-friendly clinic (ones with colorful decorations, friendly staffs, or ones that offer free toys or stickers or stamps or toothbrushes for brave children).

Prepare your child. Tell your child, what dentist does and why he should have his teeth check by

a dentist. Explain the benefit of going to the dentist in plain and simple language; avoid the subjects of shoot, hurt, pain and the like. Pretend that you and your kid are going to the dentist, so he will know what to expect. Ask your child to play dentist on you or dolls. Read him books about dentist. If your child already had fears talk to him to find out where his fears lie. It would be wise to schedule a morning appointment, when children are not yet tired or sleepy. Stay in the room during your child’s examination and if the dentist so allowed let your child sit on your lap on the dental chair to make him comfortable.

Prepare yourself. Try not to show any fears (even though you are scared to death) when you are visiting the dentist with your children. If you show any sign of anxiety, the children will likely pick up the feeling. If parents are afraid of the dentist, the children will too. Hold yourself from telling to your kid any unpleasant experience that you have had with your dentist.

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