How To Effectively Shampooing Your Toddler

Washing toddler’s hair can be very difficult.  It is not always easy to ask toddler to cooperate during the hair washing ritual. Soap all over the head and face, fear of running water and the uncomfortable position the toddler is in, can send toddler into a fury. Often, the activity turns into an upsetting battle for both parent and toddler. Here are some tips to make washing hair experience more fun for you and your toddler.

Prepare your kid before washing. Explain to your toddler, what you will do to his hair and why he needs to wash his hair.

Find out what your child dislikes. Maybe he prefers to do the washing in the kitchen sink, maybe he doesn’t like the way you rub the shampoo on his head. Try working out with your kid to find best solution for both of you.

Prepare the amenities. Look for non-irritating, non-tears, fragrance-free shampoo. For the sake of practicality and ease, choose conditioning shampoo, instead of two bottles of shampoo and conditioner. Make sure that everything you need for the washing (shampoo, warm rinsing water, towel) is ready before taking your kid into the bath room.  To avoid tangled hair which will be more difficult to handle, comb your toddler’s hair before washing. This will eliminate the possible battle with tangled wet hair. 

Attach necessary safety gadgets on your kid. Protect your kid’s eyes with shampoo shield or shower visor (a special cap that looks like topless sun visor), swimming goggles, and child’s snorkeling mask or alternatively ask your child to hold

a towel or flannel over his eyes as you rinse out the shampoo. 

Do it gently. Avoid pouring large amounts of water at once on your toddler’s head. I usually scoop water with my hands first to rinse the foam. After the foam almost completely disappear, pour water little by little on the head using small plastic watering can.  If you are still afraid to pour water on your child’s head, use wet washcloth to rinse the shampoo. A handheld spray nozzle can also help. Make sure you do not use too much shampoo.  Rinse throughoutly with clean water as any residue may causes rash.

Create a pleasant distraction. Special toys or fun activities during the washing may be enough to keep your toddler’s mind away from the procedure. Here are some games ideas to be played with your tot: singing hair-washing songs, blowing bubble, letting him hair-washing his dolls, letting him play with plastic watering cans, giving him turn to shampoo his own hair and suds sculptures making. To encourage  your child to look up when you rinse his hair (so water doesn’t flood his face and mouth) , put stickers of his favorite Disney characters or some funny pictures on the ceiling or on  wall.

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