How To Boost Your Moods

You may just have a quarrel with your wife or your boss may just given you hard times, but your day must go on; you must get your job, your work or your daily chores done one way or another. The following tips may help you through the situation.

Do a Little Exercise
Jogging a few block, bicycling, or just a little walk may help you body to relax. If you are in the office, a little walk around your cubicle might do. Having little exercise can help the blood circulation and freshen you body.

A little flower might help
It is

no secret that looking at flowers may relax your nerves, even if you are not fond of flowers. Various research carry out by Laboratory of Human Emotions at Rutgers University, Texas A&M University and Harvard Medical school discover that the look and smell of flower can change the chemistry in our brain and cause us to see things more positively. Flower can also help increase creativity in problem solving and reduce anxiety.

Listen to your favorite music
Several theories said that classical music can increase moods and learning capabilities. Large Japanese manufacturer had discovered that they can increase their production by having classical music played in the production area. The theory said that people usually work or learn by using their right brain, while left brain is use for listening music. When both right and left brain are used, the synergy will create an increase positive perception of one self.

Nonetheless, music does have a soothing effect. Just play one of your favorite music

and have your self sing along, surely you will feel better afterward.

Eat some Chocolate
Chocolate has the capability to increase the level of Serotonin and Endorphin in your brain. Serotonin is a substance that transmits information in your brain related to moods and emotions. Increased serotonin can make you relax and calm.

Eat More Carbohydrate
Carbohydrate can again increase the level of Serotonin in your brain. Thus, bread or cereal for breakfast can shape your good mood for the day. Do not to take too much protein in your food when you are having a bad mood day, as protein will not give a soothing effect, in the contrary, too much protein will make you more alert and anxious.

Display (and look at) the photograph of your loved ones
Seeing family photograph showing your kids smiling and your wife with her kitchen apron may make you smile too. After having a series of lengthy meeting or when your work plan didn’t go as plan, it will be very helpful to have a little peek at the warm of your family household.

Menthol Odor

Some people may perceive the smell of Menthol as the sweet baby odor, or fresh mountain breeze. This perception can increase the mood and cause people to regain energy and vitality.

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