The Greatest Stadium Rock In The 60s And 70s

Whilst many bands with their huge live performance had showed their quality in shaping the world of stadium rock, in my opinion, these are greatest:

The Beatles, Shea Stadium, New York, 15th August 1965
Out of necessity, the Beatles was the first band in history that performed in a stadium and unintentionally invented stadium rock. Shea Stadium, the home of New York Mets baseball team housed around 55,000 hysterical fans of the Beatles on 15th August 1965. With primitive sound system, the scream of “Beatlemania” was even louder than the band. The music was barely audible, even the Beatles themselves

couldn’t hear what they were playing, but the fans wouldn’t mind anyway, as they didn’t really go the concert to hear the music. The sound system was not the only thing that went wrong that day. Security control didn’t work either as crowd broke the security and charged towards the stage.

Queen, Hyde Park Concert, UK, 18th September 1976
Performing to more than 150,000 people, Queen really presented the best stadium rock show ever. The show began with ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ and the legendary Freddie Mercury burst onto stage with his notable costume. For security reason, the police threatened to arrest Freddie if he went back on stage for an encore.Formed in 1970 by Brian May, Freddie Mercury and Roger Taylor with John Deacon joining the following year, Queen played seminal rock music. They are recognized for their vocal harmonies and ability to bring thousands of audiences to participate in their live performances. The anthem song “We Will Rock You” could induce everyone to stomp feet and clap hands in unison. Massive choruses from the audiences really blew the whole stadium. The song allows the audiences to become one with the band. No band can built interaction with the

audience the way that Queen did.

Kiss, Destroyer Tour, Anaheim Stadium, August 20, 1976
Destroyer Tour was Kiss’ first stadium tour. It was a success. The band performed to over 50,000 people in Anaheim stadium, the largest US crowd the band had ever played to. In 1983, Kiss had another tour in Brazil and performed to around 200,000 people, but the show in Anaheim Stadium went down in history as Kiss’ most memorable performance.Formed in 1973, in the city of New York, Kiss is easily identified by their face paint and unique stage outfit. Their live performance usually featured blood spitting, smoking guitars, fire breathing and off course pyrotechnics.

Led Zeppelin, USA Tour 4th & 5th May 1973 & Knebworth House 4th & 11th August 1979
Formed in 1968, Led Zeppelin, an English rock band was the hard rock and heavy metal pioneer. The band was the most successful group that had broken the Beatles’ stadium rock attendance record. In Atlanta Braves’ Stadium Led Zeppelin pulling in 49,000 fans and in Tampa, Florida, the number of attendance reached 57,000. Seven years after the US tour, the band returned to the UK and made other performances in Knebworth House in 1979. The two concerts were seen by around 200,000 to 400,000 in total. The show in UK was quite modern with the use of big screen technology.
It is the band’s musical genius and creativity that had brought Led Zeppelin to its success. Zeppelin’s style of eclectic mix set a fundamental bench mark of modern bands. Led Zeppelin can be considered as the most influential rock band of all time.

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