Getting To Know ‘stadium Rock”

Those who grew up in the 70s or the 80s must remember how a live music performance at that time caused hysteria and moved the whole stadium. That was the era of “Stadium Rock”.Started as early as the 1960s and peaked in the 1980s, stadium rock is not a genre; it is an epic style of music performance played by musically diverse bands from Led Zeppelin to the Police.

Performed live in stadiums or arenas, it is characterized by mass audiences and various stage features, such as laser light, large video screen, smoke bomb and heavy amplification as well as shocking

pyrotechnics that never failed to awe the audiences.

In 1960s, the number of fans of popular bands such as the Beatles, Led Zeppelin, The Who and Rolling stone had outgrown the capacity of standard concert hall and nightclubs. They needed bigger venue to do live performances, so they used stadium or arena as a solution. In its development, stadium rock became some kind of fashion with every band tried to do the task of performing to

huge size of crowd.

Queen, Springsteen and several other bands helped popularize stadium rock throughout 1970s until early 1980s. Stadium rocks events during this era was a major social and media event. In the early 1990s, these larger-than-life bands started to loose its popularity due to drug abuse and along with that, public interest in stadium rock concerts started to wane either. Ticket sales significantly dropped off. There ended the glorious era of stadium rock. It is true that certain modern bands still able to fill entire seat in an arena but the atmosphere is no longer the same.

In the old-time stadium rock, the music was specifically written to allow the audience to become one with the band. The music needs to be heard and felt by thousands and unite them in massive togetherness. This thing is seldom found in modern day music performance. When a band fails to engage a stadium, the show can be dull.

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