Exotic Fruit Of Borneo Island

Borneo or Kalimantan Island is very rich of exotic fruits.  Here is the list. Other than the famous exotic Dorian fruit of Borneo, there are other exotic fruits growing on this island. Here is the list.

Nephelium spp (local name: Klembuku)

It has hairy skin. The size is small, smaller than the size of an egg. The fruit will grow in bunch, just like grape. It has blood red skin color and white flesh. In the centre of the flesh is the big, hard seed. Please be careful not to swallow the seed when eating this fruit. It tastes rather sour.


mutabile (Maritam)

This fruit is also within the family of rambutan fruit. It has hairy skin. It appearance is very much like klembuku. What makes it difference is the black purplish color of its skin. It has white flesh and like klembuku tastes rather sour. It grows mainly in Malinau District, East Borneo.

Mangifera caesia (local name: Wanyi)

This fruit is in the family of jackfruit. The fruit has an oval shape, green thin skin, and white flesh and a rather disturbing odor. The taste of the fruit is a combination between pineapple and mango. This fruit mostly grows in the forest of East Borneo.

Mangifera foetida (local name: Asam Payankg)

This fruit is in the family of mango, also known as horse mango because the tree is so tall. Its shape is rather oval, and the size is quite big. The average weigh is between 0.5 – 3 kgs. It has thick brown skin

and yellow flesh. The taste is between sour and sweet. The skin contains mucus which can cause mouth irritation, thus, it is never consumed before it is ripen. 

Artocarpus adoratisimus (local name: Tarap)

This fruit is also within the family of jackfruit. It grows in various places in Borneo Island from East Borneo, Indonesia to the north of Brunei Darussalam. The fruit is oval and heavy. The average weight is between 1 – 3 kgs. It has white sweet juicy flesh with sweet odor. Beside the flesh, its seed can also be eaten after being roasted or grilled.

Artocarpus campeden (local name: cempedak mini)

This fruit is also within the family of jackfruit. The size is relatively small compared to other jackfruits. The flesh tastes sweet. It can also be made into cracker.

Dimocarpus longan (local name: Lhau)

The fruit is as small as marbles. It grows attached to the branches of the tree. It has light brown or dark green skin and white flesh. The taste is sweetly sour. Within each fruit, there are 1-4 seeds. The seeds can be eaten but it can caused constipation if consumed excessively. It mostly grows in November to February.


Article Written By Yovita Siswati

Yovita Siswati is a blogger at Expertscolumn.com

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