Can Quit Smoking Cause Weight Gain?

The saying goes that stop smoking can make you fat. How true is this statement? Can you stop smoking without getting fat? It is a known fact that smoking is not good for your health, however many people choose not to quit smoking as they fear that stop smoking will cause weight gain. Ironically getting fat is more dreadful for some people than the deadly effect of nicotine.

What really happen when you quit smoking?

Nicotine can suppress hunger and increase metabolism. This is why you are no longer hungry after you smoke even if it is already passed your mealtime. When

you stop smoking you cannot turn to nicotine each time hunger strikes. You will have to eat. Smoking can make your tongue and food that you eat taste sour. When you quit smoking your tasting senses will be back to normal. You will be able to taste the food as delicious as it is again. This will surely increase your appetite.

In addition to the above, nicotine can also give soothing effect to your nerve as well as causing addiction. The want of nicotine can make you anxious shortly after you quit smoking. Many people try to handle this anxiety by eating more and more. Sugar and carbohydrate and other sweet tasting food can give soothing effect as that given by the nicotine. Therefore, many people go for this kind of food which is just the type of food that can make your weight increase. So, it is true that quit smoking can increase your weight.

What can you do about it?

This is how you can quit smoking without getting fat:

  1. When
    you feel anxious and need to keep your mouth busy, go for spicy food instead of sweet tasting food with lots of sugar and carbohydrates. Go for chili or paprika. Chili can also reduce coughing which often occurs after you quit smoking. 
  2. Chewing sugar free gums instead of eating something.
  3. Eat fruits or drink a glass of water whenever you feel like smoking.
  4. Do not drink coffee, as the caffeine will only make you want to smoke. 
  5. Eat regularly. It is better to eat small portion more frequently. Chew your food slowly. Wait for 15 minutes after you finished your meal before starting to eat another portion of food.
  6. Do little exercise to keep your mind from eating and to keep your body in shape. Exercise can help your body increase its metabolism, so that food will be better digested and absorbed by your body. You will feel healthy and stay slim.
  7. Get enough sleep. If your body is tired, it will be easy to start smoking again.
  8. Try to hold your desire to smoke for 10 minutes. It will usually disappear by then.
  9. Please note, that weight increase up to 3-5 kilogram at your first month of quit smoking is normal. Do not get panic, just do the above steps and be sure that your choice to stop smoking is the best for your health!

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