Most Beautiful Crater Lakes On Sumatra, Bali And Lesser Sunda Islands

Located between Asian and Australian plateau, Indonesia is the home of hundreds of volcanoes, mostly active. The volcanoes are part of Pacific Ring of Fire. Some of the volcanoes contain beautiful crater lakes. Some are unstable like Lake Kelimutu that often changes color or Lake Kelud that is now no longer exists after an eruption in 2007. Here is the list.

Lake Toba, North Sumatra
Located 900 meters above sea level in North Sumatra Province, the lake was formed around 70,000 years ago following a major eruption. This 1,000 square kilometers lake is the largest volcanic lake in the world.

The eruption of Toba super volcano that formed the lake was the largest on Earth within the last 25 million years and had caused global catastrophic climatic changes at the time.

Lake Batur, Bali
Contained in Mount Batur, Lake Batur is located in Bali Island and is the largest crater lake on the island. The lake was formed around 23,000 – 28,000 years ago. The volcano is still active. The caldera is populated and there are two main villages there, the Kedisan and Toya Bungkah that give the lake its lively atmosphere. The 700 meter-tall Batur strotovolcano is elegantly rising above the Lake level. This combined with bubbling hot springs and view of several beautiful temples give the lake its picturesque character.

Lake Segara Anak, Mount Rinjani, Lombok
Located in Lombok Island, near Bali Island, Mount Rinjani is the second highest mount in Indonesia with an altitude of 3726 metres above sea level. The crater lake within Mount Rinjani is called Segara Anak or “Child of the Sea”. The hot spring water from the lake is often used for skin treatment. With an area of 11 square kilometers, this lake is probably the largest hot volcanic lake in the world. Curiously, there are many fishes living in the lake. In the middle of the lake, a new active volcano named Mount Barujari had recently risen and it is growing bigger over time.

Lake Kelimutu, Flores, East Nusa Tenggara
There are three crater lakes within Mount Kelimutu, a volcano with an altitude of 1639 meters above sea level. The mount is located in Flores Island, Eastern Indonesia. The three lakes have varying colors that continuously change over time. The first lake, Tiwu Ata Mbupu or “Lake of Old People” was usually blue, but recently had turned into dark brown. The second lake, Tiwu Nuwa Muri Koo Fai or “Lake of Young Men and Maidens” is has green or aquamarine color. The third

lake, Tiwu Ata Polo or “Enchanted Lake” was originally red but now is brownish dark red. These 3 colored lakes within the same volcano provide impressive view and are also of interest to geologist. Sub aqueous fumaroles are thought to be the probable cause of this phenomenon.

Lake Maninjau, West Sumatra
Located 16 km from Bukitinggi, West Sumatra, Lake Maninjau was formed around 52,000 years ago. With an area of 99.5 square kilometers, this lake provides a scenic view and mild climate, making it one of most visited tourist destinations in Sumatra Island. The area around the lake is populated. Local villagers use the lake for aquaculture using floating net cages, whilst the land around the lake is used for agriculture. Lake Maninjau has a natural outlet for excess water, the Antokan River, on the west side of the lake. The water flow had been used to generate hydroelectric power.

Lake Tondano, North Sulawesi
Lake Tondano is located in northernmost part of Sulawesi Island (also known as Celebes or Minahasa Peninsula), 36 km from Manado city. It rests within Lambean Mountains, on a plateau 600 meters above sea level. The sediment found around Tondano lake dates back to around 65 million to 1,6 billion years ago. The region is known as coffee, cloves and coconuts – growing area. The lake and its surrounding provide a very beautiful view. Near the lake, there is a place called Paleloan, where visitors can see traditional Minahasan houses.

Lake Singkarak, West Sumatera
Located between the cities of Padang Panjang and Solok, West Sumatra, Lake Singkarak has an area of 107.8 square kilometers. Like Lake Maninjau, Lake Singkarak also has a natural outlet for excess water, The Ombilin River. The river flows to the Strait of Malacca. The area around the lake is also populated. The villagers consume a species of fish called Ikan Bilih that are harvested from the lake.

Bratan Lake, Bali
Bratan Lake is located within Mount Bratan in Tabanan area, Bali Island. It only covers an area of four square kilometers, but the view is breathtaking. This lake is a sacred place for the Balinese. Pura Ulun Danu, one of Balinese’s important temples stood beautifully on the edge of the lake. This temple is dedicated to the goddess of Lake Bratan.

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